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Neutral Plus Green npgreen-liter Neutral Plus Green is a safe, natural, multi-purpose concentrate that penetrates, emulsifies, and suspends dirt and soil producing a clean, residue-free floor surface.  Utilizing state of the art eco premium technologies Neutral Plus Green exhibits superior degreasing power yet is safe for all floor surfaces including floor finish. $48.00   for 4 gallon case
$52.00   for 5 gallon pail
$522.00   for 55 gallon drum*
Combo combo_liter Combo 20% Solids Floors Finish is a unique proprietary blend of the most advanced metal cross linked co-polymers and acrylics available. $73.60   for 4 gallon case
$83.75   for 5 gallon pail
$759.00   for 55 gallon drum*
Tip N’ Measure
np_cleaner_bottle 1 gallon Tip N’ Measure container assures accurate, economical usage. $11.95   for container
The Mopit mopit_product The Mopit is a compact upright auto scrubber specifically designed for convenience stores and small retail establishments.   Ideal for cleaning vinyl composite tile,  ceramic tile or concrete,  the Mopit saves time and money while producing a clean, dry, residue free floor surface. $2699.00
Financing Available
The Finishmate® finishmate Ideal for large supermarkets (vinyl composite tile), warehouses (concrete), or gymnansiums (hardwood), the Finishmate® significantly reduces operator fatigue while increasing productivity. $2,699.00
Financing Available
Mopit Accessory caddy_kit_1 Squeegee caddy kit $125.00

* Lease/Purchase Financing Available for bulk purchase orders of Combo or Neutral Plus Green